65th Carnival of Real Estate – Boo!

The Carnival of Real Estate rolled into town again in Phoenix. From Super Bowls, BCS Championships and numerous other sporting championships, our area is very familiar with hosting big time events. Heck we’ve even already hosted multiple carnivals! Now how many cities can say that?

This time the carnival arrived in a most interesting holiday – Halloween. While the theme is not entirely Halloween related, I did include a “scary” category to my selections. There were exactly thirty entries and the quality of posts were very good. I have selected my top three picks and then provided honorable mentions by category.


The Top Three

Number 1: Kevin Boer take the top honors this week with his post What The Microsoft-Facebook Deal Means For Real Estate — Part 2: Revisiting Move.com Vs. ActiveRain, this is posted at Three Oceans Real Estate.

Core-65-winnerI always thought Active Rain lacked imagination when it came to positioning for business success. Kevin does a nice job comparing the failed Active Rain – Move.Com transaction with the more successful Facebook-Microsoft one. It is truly scary to think how much money AR could have made if it had the business acumen of Facebook.

Number 2: Jim Watkins takes the second slot with Investors Working on Foreclosure Deals: Avoid Fraud Suspicion – Disclose!, this is posted at Real Estate Investing For Real | A BiggerPockets Blog.

Jim tackles the very controversial topic of taking over pre-foreclosures by signing over a Warranty Deed. I’ve worked with a few borrowers who have been burned by this techniques, but Jim seems to know what he’s doing and isn’t out to screw the homeowner. I think he presents a good blueprint for those seeking to take over pre-foreclosures.

Number 3: Cliff Jacobson takes the third slot with ERA Lands On Zillow, One Small Step For A Search Engine, One Giant Step Toward A National MLS, this is posted at WebHomeUSABlog.

The main reason why I liked this post was because Cliff gives us a starting point on begining to understand the ERA-Zillow relationship. This past summer real estate blogs were buzzing with Zillow talk, and not all the chatter was positive. Cliff gives us a summary of what we’ve been through this past summer also poses some very controversial questions for the future. I liked this as a consumer of real estate.

Scary – (Parental Guidance Advised)

Core-ScaredSelling real estate next to cemeteries and living to write about it! Now isn’t that something you should all be doing? That is exactly what Kevin Warmath presents on Dead Neighbors Make the Best Neighbors, this is posted at North Fulton County (Georgia) Real Estate Blog. While I would never take Kevin’s advice, I am sure there are some of us in our midst who would…. haaaaaaaa…. haaaaaaa…..

Congress is a scary institution as it is, but for mortgage brokers, this Halloween, Barney Frank could haunt us out of a career. Morgan Brown explains why Barney Frank is a Broker’s Worst Nightmare, this is posted at Blown Mortgage. As always Morgan brings his excellent analysis skills. He breaks down every significant component of a very complicated piece of legislation and explains why if this bill goes through, we can all kiss mortgage brokers good bye! Now that is scary!


Bentley Humphreys presents a very comprehensive run down on how to maximize “flip” profits through smart renovations, this is posted at boozwatt.com. I enjoyed this article for its careful treatment of the details.

For the Techno Geek

Core-scary-geekDee Copeland presents Mobile Technology to Change How We Communicate Real Estate this is posted at Texas Realty Blog. Dee makes a good case for why real estate agents need to be thinking ahead to the up and coming mobile customer. Think today’s 20 year olds in five years! That’s not too hard is it?

Colleen Corgan presents MapMyPix AIR Application, this is posted at GeekEstate Blog. The technology Drew introduces appears to have a lot of potential in the real estate community. It has the ability to help you market your listings and also to make your buyers experience more efficient.

My Soft Spot: Lenders Corner

Mike Mueller presents Pick a Pay – Understanding the Recast, this is posted at Mike’s Minute. Mike does a good job making the option ARM a bit less scary – for those who want to understand it and use it as a financial tool. I debated putting Mike Mueller’s article in the scary section. The reason being that a co-worker of mine went to a Halloween party last weekend dressed as an “option ARM”. I haven’t seen pictures yet to know how she pulled that one off, but it shows where we are today!

Addressing a very common question in the mortgage industry John Crenshaw presents What’s the Point in Paying Points?, this is posted at Truthful Lending dot Com. John provides some compelling reasons to pay points to buy down your rate. For the disciplined borrower sersious about financial success, I would highly recommend John’s advice.

Well, that about wraps things up here. I hope you have a safe Halloween. Next weeks carnival will be hosted by Real Estate Convergence. You can start submitting your posts here. Thanks for reading

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Finally, check for REO properties and compare prices before buying a property.


  1. Shailesh-
    Nice work this week! Just a minor correction – the GeekEstate post highlighted was actually written by Colleen Corgan, not me :)

  2. Drew,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve made the correction.


  3. Excellent job Shailesh! Thanks for hosting. I suspect folks that haven’t hosted a CoRE don’t understand how difficult it can be…

    I got a couple of places to put in my feed reader. Thanks, I think… :)

  4. Thanks for the props! Much appreciated. Glad you liked my article.

  5. Jay,

    Yes it’s very difficult. Its hard to set aside your natural biases and focus on the things you know. There is a lot of good writing out there and trying to pick from a pile of excellent writers is always hard!

  6. Excellent Job!
    I’ve been following the Carnival because it’s where I find some of the best RE blogs to read.

    I’m also very humbled to be included in the list.

    Thank you!

  7. Kevin,

    Good job. I really enjoyed your views. I’ve got you in my reader now!


    You definately deserve it!

  8. Hey Shailesh-
    Just noticed your Kiva widget — which is awesome to see. Thanks for bringing some further awareness to microfinance.

  9. Shailesh –
    I’m glad you found the post of our man Jim Watkins to be one of your top picks! He wrote a great article. Thanks for pointing it out to everyone out there!

  10. Shailesh, thanks for the recognition of the dead and hallowed ground of Georgia. I’ve hosted the carnival before and know it requires as much or more energy and creativity than actually writing and submitting a post, so your efforts don’t go unnoticed. You did a great job and I appreciate your props.

    They say in real estate that you can’t pick your neighbors…well, you CAN pick if they are dead or alive.
    Happy Halloween to all.


  11. Kevin,

    I really enjoyed your piece. It was very well written. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  12. Shailesh –

    Thanks for recognizing my post on the pending legislation – I appreciate it!


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