A Church in Gilbert Arizona: Two Rivers

There are many churches in the Gilbert (Arizona) area. In fact a quick open ended search on USAChurch.com gave 23 listings. This listing didn’t even include the LDS churches. I would image there are plenty of other churches that are not listed in the directory system for one reason or another.  If I were to make a rough estimate I would say there has to be at least 100 churches in this area (43 square miles).

If you are new to Gilbert (Arizona) or have been thinking about attending a place of worship, where do you start? The local magazines always carry a listing but no one gives a review of a church like they would a restaurant or a movie. It is with this in mind that I present a review of Two Rivers Church, a thriving non-denominational church located at the heart of Gilbert (Ray & Lindsay Rd).

Two Rivers Church, Gilbert, ArizonaTwo Rivers Church is a new church in the area which opened its doors in September of 2004. It is a church plant from a larger church in Madison, Wisconsin. It meets in the cafeteria of South Valley Junior High every Sundays at 10am. You can read the churches core values here and more about the church here.

Two Rivers Church, Gilbert, ArizonaLet’s set aside the formalities here and discuss what makes Two Rivers Church different from the rest of the pack. First of all, this church is all about people, “where friends become family”. It is full of individuals and families whose lives have been changed dramatically by the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact there are so many great stories that the church will soon be publishing a book documenting the move of God. With so many powerful testimonies, the church is literally overflowing with love and concern for one another.

Tom Alexander, the Senior Pastor at Two Rivers, is passionate about helping people and demonstrating Christ like love. His Sunday message usually takes a teaching flavor rather than a preaching one. There is a distinction and different people have different preferences, but for those seeking to grow in faith this approach can be very instrumental in that effort. Pastor Tom usually teaches verse by verse from a particular book in the Bible. The current messages are from the Gospel of John.  The idea behind this style is to present the Word of God as it is with minimal human “interpretation”. 

Despite its small size this Gilbert church offers a wide range of opportunities of involvement for its members. There is a youth group for teenagers that meets every Wednesday evenings, a woman’s group on Thursdays’, a prayer and praise group every other Friday and so on and so forth. This link has the complete list. These opportunities give every member the chance to experience the power of God personally and in a meaningful way during their day to day lives. Pastor Tom often makes the point that the main goal of Two Rivers is to “present every man/woman complete in Christ” (Colossians 1:28) and that is exactly what the activities provide.

Let me caution you though. Two Rivers is not a perfect church. Like any other human institution it has flaws and short comings. It can not possibility meet all the expectations and requirements of very potential member. However, in my experience the church has never shied away from being honest about its shortcomings. The Pastor is very approachable and accessible so he will try to address your concerns as best as possible.

For those who like to experience the power of God move in their lives and grow spiritually, Two Rivers Church in Gilbert, Arizona is a must visit. Its website says “come as you are” so, I would highly recommend you go as you are and see what God ends up doing with you. If for some reason you feel this is not the church for you, the Two Rivers Church website even offers a guide on how you can do an effective search. Now that shows you how much they care about you!

Review summary: 5 out of 5 stars

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