A Needed Change

Regular visitors will notice that I changed the theme of this blog. There is nothing to worry about loyal readers, AMG was not sold to a multi-billion dollar company or anything dramatic of that sort. It was just a realization on my part that I needed to simplify and personalize the blog to better serve my readers.

One of my hero’s Albert Einstein once said “make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”. He was referring of course to the laws of Physics. I think it applies to my blog as well. In my previous incarnation I was trying too hard to make things complicated. I was trying to follow the crowd of site masters who have all kinds of goodies on their websites. I was huffing and puffing that my site didn’t have that gadget and that widget. Then I remembered old Al. So, here is the new simplified layout. His simplify message is also relevant to my mortgage philosophy and so will be the theme of this entire blog.

You’ll also notice this blog is now a bit more personalized. I spent some time making this space “mine”. I wanted it to reflect Arizona, my state of residence and place of business. While I can do business in 48 states, I am the Arizona Mortgage Guru, the fearless warrior of home loans. To reflect my geography I placed the mountains of Northern Arizona as my header.

Now that this part is done with, I’ll be back to blogging about mortgages right away!

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