A unique service

Today I met with Valerie Cantrell the owner of a local business named The Unpackers. Her business helps people unpack and organize their stuff after they have moved. I didn’t even know such a business existed. I am always fascinated by business creativity and this one certainly caught my attention. I came away very impressed with Valerie’s understanding of the needs of her clients as well as the tremendous service she offers.

After the meeting I browsed through her site and found some wonderful testimony of her services. You might think this is a service only for the rich and famous – but then you think of the countless hours you spend trying to move in (the days off you might have to take) or the kids that get in the way – and you realize Valerie would smooth out the hassle.

So, check out her website and give her a call. You’ll be impressed. Tell her Shailesh sent you!

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