AgentGenius Asks and Turns Me Purple

The blogger formerly known as Real***Genius was so impressed with one of my rants (on his blog) he invited me to write as a guest blogger on his newly minted AgentGenius blog. I blushed, turned purple and said “yes, yes, yes, please, can I, oh thank you… thank you”. See I’m brown, so when I blush I don’t turn red, I turn purple and only a few things in life turns me purple. This just happens to be one of them. AgentGenius has now added me to the line up.

I’ve always wanted to keep my own blog focused on consumer issues, and create it as a resource for borrowers and real estate agents seeking to stay up on the mortgage market. However, as I’ve blogged more, I’ve started to have opinions on Web 2.0 issues, Internet Marketing, industry practices etc. The AgentGenius blog will now be my forum to express myself, my wife is glad I have a place to do this, she was getting tired of hearing it. I think?

So, consider yourself invited to this new venture. You’ll be glad you came over.

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