AMG on other blogs

The world of blogging is defined by sharing. In this spirit, over the past few weeks, I’ve written a few articles for other blogs. Since regular AMG visitors may not have seen these articles I’ve made a list of the most recent ones below. I’ve also included an introduction to the blogs where my articles appear.

BlogArizona – This is a very informative blog run by Shannon Hubbard and it was mentioned prominently in a recent Arizona Republic article covering real estate blogging in the Phoenix Valley. I am a regular contributor on this blog. My latest contribution is called “Seller Financing: Should you do it?

Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area Real Estate Blog – This is a smart blog authored by a very intelligent Real Estate agent Christoph Schweiger. I’m going to be regular contributor on this blog as well. My most recent article is called “Buying a Second Home in the United States as a Canadian“.

The Phoenix Real Estate Guy – For regular blog readers there is no reason to even introduce this blog to you – you already know of the quality of this blog and probably visit it daily. I was very honored when Jay Thompson asked me to write a post. I was happy to write one on “Choosing a Realtor … from a Lenders Perspective“.

So, hurry on over and read the articles and vist these blogs! Tell them I sent ya’ 🙂

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