Bling Night 2009 With Jenn and Joe Maggiore

We had a fun time yesterday evening at Bling Night. It was a social event organized by Joe and Jenn Maggiorie on one of Joe’s property listings up in Scottsdale. I had never been to an event like that before and had in fact no idea what a “bling night” was. It wasn’t hard to figure it out once we got there though. There was live music, an open bar, great food, door prizes and some awesome people. The connections we made certainly made the evening very special. So, a very special thank you to Joe and his lovely wife Jenn for inviting us.

Here is Joe welcoming everyone to the event:

As I mentioned earlier the property we were at (25940 N 115th PL, Scottsdale, AZ) is one of Joe’s listings. It’s a beautiful house with some great views. Here is Joe introducing the property.

I did take some shots before it got dark:

Brief snap of the rest of the evening:

If you want to get in touch with Joe about this property, feel free to do so. I on the other hand look forwad to connecting with Jenn, who has her own marketing consulting business where she helps companies adopt the use social media.

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