Blog talk with Christoph Schweiger

What is the essence of blogging? Why do I blog? There are many answers to this question. One of the reasons for my blogging is to network with other bloggers. Contrary to popular opinion, I think bloggers are cool, intelligent and smart people – at least the serious bloggers anyway. I had an opportunity last Wednesday to meet one such local blogger.

AustriaOn rather short notice I met up with Christoph Schweiger of Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area Real Estate blog. We sat down for coffee at Starbucks in North Tempe. Prior to our meeting, in just a few e-mail exchanges, we had discovered how much we had in common. This meeting seemed like a natural continuation of exploring our professional goals (blogging), interests and background.

So, what do we have in common? My wife was raised in Austria. Christoph is from Austria. I’m from Nepal and Austria and Nepal have a lot in common. Both are next to large countries (Germany and India), both have high mountains (Alps and Himalayas), both are landlocked and both are geographically somewhat in the center of their respective continents!

NepalAfter enjoying our mutual commonalities, we discussed our respective blogging strategies. How do we develop a strong blog presence is such a crowded field? How do we measure our blogging progress? We both have different ideas on these questions, but in essence we returned to what Real Estate blogging means to us. We agreed that allowing our personalities and background flow through into the blog was important and the best way to differentiate ourselves.

Overall, I found Chris to be a very intelligent, dynamic and thoughtful blogger. He has almost four years of Real Estate experience and has provided tremendous value to his clients over these years. He has an innovative approach to Real Estate blogging. He is in the industry forefront of incorporating video into his blog and Real Estate career.

Towards the end of the meeting we both admitted how much we had learned in a short while.  Moving forward we agreed to  partner to leverage our individual blogging experiences to benefit our readers as well as our individual development as bloggers. The meeting had captured the essence of blogging.

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