Carnival of Real Estate #50

I participated in my first Carnival of Real Estate this past week. I submitted my post from last week called “There Is More to the Apple Pie Than Just the Apple”. This installment of the carnival was hosted by Toby Boyce and also happened to be the 50th edition. In this brilliantly written carnival post the writer uses a golf theme. There are actually two versions this week, one for the participants and another one highlighting consumer relevant posts. Alas, I was knocked out in the first round. I was never much of a golfer to begin with so I’m not discouraged. The quality of the writing at these things is out of this world so a rookie like me has quite a bit to learn.

The winning post “The Imperative of Divorced Commissions, Part 2: The Inherent Value of Free“ was written by Jeff Kempe of BloodhoundRealty Blog.

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