The Real Arizona Mortgage Guru Takes the Stage

Aimee E Ghimire, Loan Officer at PrimeLendingSince I’m no longer actively working in the mortgage industry, I’m handing over this blog over to mortgage lender Aimee Ghimire, my wife and business partner. We worked together over at CTX Mortgage for several years and she is an outstanding loan officer with over five years of experience in the industry. Now she is ready to take the plunge and use this blog to educate borrowers on the changing mortgage landscape, answer questions and share her mortgage experience.

I will let you know that even when I was the main writer for this blog, Aimee was the one who provided me with many of the ideas. So, this world is not entirely new to her. Also, since she has always been on the front lines – dealing directly with borrowers and their needs, she has a great feel for the type of issues being faced in today’s mortgage market. I have a sneaky suspicion this blog will be more than a hundred times better than its ever been! Which is to be expected from such a high caliber professional like Aimee.

Since the changes at CTX, Aimee has moved on to PrimeLending in Mesa, AZ. You can learn more about her at the “Meet Aimee” page on her website.

Please join me in welcoming Aimee to the blogosphere (or blogiverse, which ever you prefer to call it). I’ve told her many times that she’s going to meet some amazing folks by blogging and I hope you’ll show her that I wasn’t exaggerating.

So, take it away Aimee. It’s all yours!

Arizona Mortgage Guru Wants to Hear From You

Any Questions?I look through the visitor statistics from time to time to get an idea for what people seem to like on this blog. However, that’s kind of a limited way of getting an understanding of what the audience is looking for, because my audience can only read what I write. I don’t know if I’m making any sense.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to hear from you. I’ve been blogging for a few years and it hit me today that I’ve never really asked my readers what they would like to see on this blog. I know I’ve posted a lot about FHA loans, Mortgage Insurance, Subprime and various other topics, but today I want to ask you. What are are some topics you’d like to learn more about?

I know may people call to ask me if the market has bottomed out. Well, I can’t really say for sure, but there can be good buys out there. In fact, there was one person who said he really didn’t think he could get a good answer from a real estate agent, since they have an interest in the answer. But, I reminded him that not all real estate agents are like that.

So, going back to the original question. Would you like to see some analysis of when and when not to do a refinance? How about an interest rate trend review? See, there I go again. I’m trying to come up with some topics.

Seriously, leave a comment below regarding a home mortgage related topic you’d like me to write about and I promise to take you up on you request.

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Blogging 101 Class at Windermere

Many thanks to all the Windemere agents who attended the Blogging 101 class yesterday (on Thunderbird and 101). I sure enjoyed teaching the class. I owe this opportunity to Chris Mattix, my newest Facebook friend! 🙂 So, thank you Chris for having me.

As promised here is a link to the Powerpoint presentation from yesterday. Additionally, I have posted the video of a class I did on setting up a WordPress blog at the Arizona RE Bloggers Network meeting last month.

Arizona Real Estate Bloggers Network Meeting – May 2008 from phoenixrealestatelive on Vimeo.

I do mortgages on the side to support my blogging habit, so please feel free to refer any clients who may be in the market and need a good quality lender! If you browse through this blog you’ll realize that Aimee and I certainly know what we’re doing and we have a history of providing 100% customer satisfaction!

Just a friendly reminder 🙂

Post Updated Monday June 16th. Here is the powerpoint slide from my presentation via SlideShare:

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