Dealing with debt collectors

When it comes to credit repair and such I often get questions from borrowers regarding debt collection. They always worry about old collections and what they should do about them. I know there are lots of laws in the books and people do not always know that. I believe that you should ALWAYS pay what you owe regardless of the situation. However, there are times when you may need to know more about debt collections. Here is a start.

Dealing with a debt collector who lies: “I have a credit card debt that is about five years old and I have some questions. This company called my wife today and told her that we needed to pay this now or make arrangements or they were going to repo our car. Is that legal? I have tried to call the lawyer back that called and I get no answer. Instead, after the machine asks me to leave a message it says their mail box is full. Thank you, if you can help.”

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