Dear Google…. Listen to the Little Guy

Dear Google,

Your motto is “Don’t be evil”. So we looked the other way when you helped Communist China filter Internet content. But we applauded you when you refused to release search patterns of citizens to the federal government.

So, really you’re even with us right now.

However, you are just one action away from winning our hearts and minds. I plead to you that you act on Jonathon Daltons request. I have posted it here in case you missed it:

On behalf of all of us trying to make an honest living, providing information to our clients and the greater online community, please get off your collective butts and do something about the content scrapers.

This post will appear on some splog designed by some bullsnot artist with no greater plan in mind but to try and collect cash through your AdSense.

Take a positive step and actually investigate these thieving bastards without requiring the blogger making the claim to submit 47 pages of paperwork and a pint of blood.

It’s the right thing to do. You’ve got the resources.

Do it already.

Please don’t ignore this plea. There’s a lot of us (Technorati says over 70 million) . Plus you’re only getting bigger and one day you’ll reach a point where you’ll need us to support you. Because let’s face it, my kids will not be cheering you on in 20 years. They’ll have their own tech company to cheer and they’ll be out to get you like you are going after Microsoft.

In essence, what I’m saying is you need to start living more along your motto and weed out these splogs. Its just the right thing to do.

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