Do Canadians Need a Visa to Purchase US Real Estate?

I received the question below from Canada. Unfortunately, it came through the Plugoo application (on my right side bar) and there was no e-mail address. So, I will answer it here:

Hi, I Just wondered if a Canadian Citizen can buy house in US, without any intentions to live or work in US. Just want to buy and later rent the house. Does he need any kind of Visa to do this?

A Canadian national can purchase a second (vacation) home or investment property with no intention to live in the USA on a permanent basis. Most loan programs require a copy of your Canadian passport or drivers license.

If you are curious about home financing options as a Canadian citizen then head on over to the Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s blog. I wrote a guest post over the past weekend explaining how a foreign national (Canadian, British, European etc.) may obtain a mortgage loan in the United States.

While you’re there on the blog say hi to Jay Thompson for me! 🙂

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