Final Real Estate Blogging Seminar for 2007 – This Time in Scottsdale!

I know it’s three weeks away, but I’m really excited because we just booked the room and I’ve already prepared the flyer!

I’ll be doing a Real Estate Blogging  Seminar again – so save the date guys! Friday, November 30th (2-4pm). This time in Scottsdale. So, all you Scottsdale agents who wrote to me last time saying you’d come if it was closer – well now you don’t have an excuse.

beerPlus we’ll be heading over to Maloney’s Tavern  afterwards for some drinks! Don’t tell me you don’t want to be there…  Ummmm beeeer.

I’ve already updated the Events page with details – head on over for more information. I’m sure I’ll be posting again but leave a comment if you can make it. The room was packed last time so who knows I may cap it off by Thanksgiving.

This event is sponsored by Grand Canyon Title Agency, Basketworks (Your Source for Unforgettable Gifts and Gift Baskets), and KDC Enterprises (Promotional Products)

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