First SW RE Blogging Conference a Smashing Hit

Jay Thompson speaksLights, cameras, action! And off we went. The blogging conference was a smashing hit. Wow. I want to thank all those for attending. Special thanks goes to Jay Thompson and Greg Swann for sharing their thoughts. I know its hard to share business ideas and methods which are working for you – without a fee. So it was very generous on their part to share their blogging success with everyone. Hat tip. Applause.

From realtors and mortgage brokers to home stagers and social Conferece startscapital evangelists the conference was very well attended and the questions were sharp. The energy in the room was electric and attendees were engrossed with the presenters. The topics were relevant and pertinent. The styles of the presentations were different but engaging and thoughtful. Talk about hitting a nail on the head – I have several feedback forms which say “give us more” – even though on the same sheet it says they were slightly overwhelmed with the content!

I also want to thank Greg and Tara at Commerce Title for sponsoring this event. If you are in the market for escrow services give them a call – they are one of the best in the business.

If you missed this event Greg will have a video of the presentations on his blog soon and Jay has posted his presentation online. Also, stay tuned for future conferences by visiting the events page on this website.

It wasn’t all just blog talk infront of a projector. The crowd moved over to the lounge aftewards for some social time. It was a reminder of the power the blogging medium!

Bar time Bar time

I don’t know when the party actually ended, but things were still kicking when I left.

More coverage: Bloodhound, Jonathan Dalton, Jay Thompson and Staging Arizona!


  1. And thank YOU for pulling it all together! Lookinf forward to the next one!

  2. Entertaining, informative – a standing ovation for all of your hard work! As Greg mentioned, a click of the champagne glass to you. When’s the next one?

  3. Jay – it was my pleasure to do this. I really enjoyed it.

    Calie – Thanks for your kind words. As I say to people I have a mortgage business to support my blogging habit – so I need to focus on that too. Hopefully we can do a Blogging mechanics type class in the future.



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