Fixing the Foreclosure (Mortgage) Mess

A few weeks ago I started a weekly series on the mortgage market attempting to cover important elements from news items to blog posts. Regular readers know I slacked off on this promise after week one. However, I must say I did have good intentions. Inertia is the main issue here and converting potential energy into kinetic energy is difficult. However, I have not forgotten my desire to keep a weekly mortgage round up alive and kicking.

In that spirit, today I want to bring to your attention a brilliant post by the North Phoenix Agent, Heather Barr. She has proposed a very practical way to fix the foreclosure mess. Since she doesn’t trust any of the “big three” presidential candidates to offer anything that would work (she does admire the Obama overall theme though). So in the spirit of citizen government Heather proposes her own “real world” solution. This is a great post and a wonderful read. If only our leaders could think like her!

If you haven’t read it already, then head on over to the North Phoenix Agent Blog. We’d all love to hear from you on what you thought about her plan – so leave your comments. If you like the plan then maybe we can convince one of the candidates to select Heather as their running mate? 🙂 I’ve already made a campaign sticker!

Obama Barr 08

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