Head is Spinning

This has got to be the fastest week I’ve been through in a long long time. I thought I just updated this blog – I come back and see it’s been two days since I last updated. Wow.

I’ve been meaning to put up articles on Interest Only loans, the value of a 15 year mortgage and also trying to put together some analysis for some clients who are looking at investment plans. I wanted to share what I’d been able to learn. But time just went by. Now, I’ve got things to finish up, one last appointment this afternoon and the weekend-work starts!

Well, good thing I’ve been using the French-press coffee maker my wife gave me for Christmast. It makes good coffee. The standard coffee makers tend to burn the cofee a bit, and once you start having coffee from the French-press you will be able to really tell the difference. I know I can, and the way I’m typing and the way time is passing by I’m sure you can teeeeelllll hooowwww i’mmm doing………

Haaaave a doooog weeekend.

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