Interesting posts I’ve read lately on various mortgage blogs

There is a great post at Mortgage Porter discussing home equity lines. Rhonda has a lot of good information and certainly very good advice. For the financially disciplined and committed a home equity line can be a very useful tool. I know because I’m using it exactly the way she recommends and I know that if a time ever arises I can access all that cash no questions asked!

I know, last week, I advised everyone to lock any loan interest rates they were considering. I still think the sooner you lock the better since the market seems to be hammering away at bond prices. The Mortgage Reports presents a great analysis on the state of home mortgage rate. I suggest you check it out.

Ever since current NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer went after tile companies and their supposed monopoly of title insurance, I’ve paid a little more attention to this line item on the settlement statement. Spitzer filed lawsuits as NY AG. Blown Mortgage has some pretty interesting things to say about the topic.

Finally for mortgage professionals out there, the Mortgage Broker Coaching blog is now up. This is brought to you by the creator of the famous Pacesetter Mortgage Blog (this blog is no longer active).

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