Is A Short Sale Better Than A Foreclosure In Arizona?

Recently, local Realtor Dean Ouellette sat down with Kevin Hardin of Thomson Law Dean Ouellette to discuss whether or not a short sale is better than a foreclosure in Arizona and how a short sale may be better for most sellers compared to a foreclosure.

There are many questions surrounding a decision between doing a short sale on your home or waiting for a foreclosure to occur.

Which is better for you as a homeowner?

Kevin Hardin explains to us exactly what some of the differences are, and you may be shocked. A short sale is almost always better for the home owner than a foreclosure and you can control your outcome a lot better if you are in control of the situation.

Kevin Hardin and his co-workers at Thomson Law advise thousands of home owner a year on the differences between a foreclosure and a short sale  and as Kevin explains maybe 1% of the time a foreclosure is the best alternative.

If you are looking to do a short sale  and want to consider your options make sure you check out this video because many of the questions you have will probably be answered. Just because the bank may not have the right to come after you in a lawsuit does not mean they will not try. And if they do try, you may win, but it is not going to be a cheap win. With a short sale  you get to determine the ground rules and only have to agree to it if you get acceptable language negotiated with the bank.

As always make sure you talk to an attorney and your CPA about your situation as your situation may vary from other cases.

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