Mortgage Market Update: Liquidity Crisis Persists

Between First Magnus (Great Southwest Mortgage) closing shop and Countrywide going through some serious turbulencethings are very unpredictable right now. To calm markets the Federal Reserve just lowered the discount rate by 0.5% to 5.75%. The discount rate is what the Fed charges banks for short term loans.

What is a consumer to do? If you have any loans in process right now it’s a good time to check with your lender to make sure everything is on track. As long as the loan is locked it should be okay. However, moving forward that may not always hold. In fact Brian Brady, a veteran mortgage professional in California is advising mortgage brokers to lock with two lenders – just in case. As a broker we can do this even though it may not be fair to the good lenders, as Brian points out.

Countrywide is the nations number one home mortgage lender. So, anything bad on that ship sends waves that could even rock Fannie and Freddie. The market knows that both Fannie and Freddie will not crash because they have the full faith and commitment of the Federal government behind them.  However, this is not to say that loan guidelines can not change over night and become more restrictive. From what I know they are not thinking of any changes but the way the market changes you never know.

Below are some notable market news from MarketWatch and LA Times:

Stay tuned. I’ll have some more information and analysis on the mortgage market as it becomes available.

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