Mortgage Related Stress and the Suicide Card

I’ve always maintained that for the vast majority of people the home mortgage is the most significant financial decision of their lives. It is no joking matter. That is why the proliferation of incompetence in the industry drives me crazy.

Just to illustrate what the wrong mortgage can do to people, the Washington Post has a story on how some people are dealing with their mortgage woes. It’s scary to think that some housing counselors are having to give suicide prevention hotlines to some of their clients.

Sherie Zamora sought Urban’s help when she temporarily lost her job and couldn’t get relief from her mortgage company. She said Urban was calm and reassuring as they developed a plan. But as she left his office, he gave her some suicide-prevention hot-line numbers.

So, I appeal to everyone to make sure you take care of your clients before yourself! You don’t want to be a part of the problem, it’s much better to be a part of the solution.

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