My Turkey of the Year Award for 2007

This blog may be a mortgage blog, heck I even call myself the Arizona Mortgage Guru, but every once in a while my heart burns. It burns with so much passion I have to change topics a bit. I’ve done this in the past when I have recognized distinctions and excellence. However, this is turkey time. So, today I am handing out the AMG Turkey of the Year Award.

This year the winners come from business, sports (specifically football) and politics. Why the limited selection you ask. Well because my interests essentially revolve around these three areas. I confess I know nothing about ballet, ice-skating, Broadway musicals, theater, baseball, hockey, basketball, underwater basket weaving etc. etc. I’m sure you get the point.

Just so you’re clear, I am basing this award on the information available to me. Basically stuff I‘ve read and can remember (that is key, because if it happened in March, I most likely can’t remember). It is not objective in any way and will never be – that’s the fun of it. If you disagree or want to add your own, feel free to do so in the comments section.

So, without further ado, here are the winners of this years AMG Turkey of the Year Awards:

5th Place: Stan O’Neal, Merrill Lynch CEO – Specifically, the company of Merrill Lynch. How in the world can you post a $2.2 billion quarterly loss and walk way with $160 million in your pocket. I thought the business world rewarded performance based on hard work. I guess capitalism is just for the rest of us. The establishment folks practice a deviant form of socialism.

coach-carr4th Place: Llyod Carr, Michigan Football Head Coach – After the loss to Appalachian State, four straight losses to Ohio State and four straight bowl losses, he’s gone. He never put up a fight in any of the big games I ever watched the past few years. This guy brought disgrace to all of Big Ten football (see last years Rose Bowl massacre).

3rd Place: Active Rain Network – I can just hear the hush go through the room. After the failed purchase by, it’s become clear that AR is not what it is cracked out to be. You don’t own the content you produce, essentially the same folks keep appearing in the “featured “posts (at least when I was active in it) and the quality of comments sucks. After getting too many of those “great post, thanks for sharing” comments, I just got tired of the whole thing.

al-gore2nd Place: Al Gore, ex-US Vice President – You spent eight years in the White House and never drafted a meaningful policy to save the world and now that you’re out of office you’re ragging others to do something. If you’d at least said something, done something, or made a significant dent on global warming while you were in office I would have agreed you could have been a worthy candidate. Come on Al. You had your chance and you didn’t have the courage to do it. I haven’t even seen that documentary of yours and I already know you’re a phony. Just disappear with the icebergs already.

1st Place – Official Winner of the AMG Turkey of the Year Award:

mike-vickMichael Vick, ex-QB, Atlanta Falcons – Vick, Vick, Vick. You were my number one fantasy football draft pick in 2003, so it’s not like I never believed in you. You had the money, the fame and everything else you would have ever wanted. Plus you got all this by playing a sport. Drop back, throw. Run if you couldn’t drop back. Kha-ching, kha-ching. And you threw it all away (no pun intended). You’re actually going to make my all time turkey of the year list. Hope the prison mate of yours isn’t a dog lover Vick!

So, there you have it. As I said before, if you disagree or want to add your own, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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