One Year Later: Sorting Through the Subprime Mess

Former executives at New Century, which went bankrupt early last year, should be sued and so should it’s auditor KPMG. That is what a bankruptcy investigator is recommending. New Century as you may recall was the No. 2 sub-prime lender before it went down in flames in the Spring of 2007. An excerpt from Yahoo! Finance:

Michael J. Missal, a Washington, D.C. attorney appointed by a bankruptcy judge to probe years of accounting missteps by Irvine, Calif.-based New Century, said the company’s leaders turned a “blind eye” to the increasing risk of making loans to people with bad credit.

Operating out of a “brazen obsession” with cranking out mortgages, New Century ignored an alarming rise in signs of trouble with it loans, Missal said. He found the company engaged in seven improper accounting practices, including one that some witnesses said was recommended by KPMG.

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