Phoenix Real Estate in Canadian Dollars

The Phoenix, Arizona area is an attractive real estate market for Canadians. Not only did our Governor just recieve a commitment from a Canadian company to expand its operations here, but with the fall of the American dollar homes in Phoenix just got a whole lot cheaper.

Just to illustrate this dramatic fall, I have graphed what a $250,000 home in Phoenix, Arizona would cost in Canadian dollars.  This chart plots prices from the beginning of the year (2007).


The maximum price was $296,350, reached on February 9 and we just hit bottom at $241,825 on October 21st.  That is a 18.4% fall from the peak! Stunning.

It’s going to start snowing up there in Canada really soon. So just hop on a plane and come on down to catch some sun and see some real estate! You’ll be sure to find lots of bargains!

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