Problems Posting, NSMBA and Non Farm Payroll

First of all, I’ve been having posting problems – I’ve written two long articles only to lose them – and being who I am, I hadn’t saved either so I was pretty upset this week. But I’m getting smarter and I will make it a point to save my work before I post it.

Last night my wife and I went to a networking event sponsored by NSMBA – the National Hispanic MBA Association. It was in Scottsdale and we had a great time. We met some very interesting people, and had the opportunity to experience a new place. We always enjoy that. We spoke to the organizers and it looks like they have some great joint marketing opportunities and we’ll be sure to take advantage of that soon.

Back to more serious business, the non-farm payroll numbers released today were much lower than expected, so this being a measure of unemployment it is good for rates but bad for those in the statistics. Anytime unemployment goes up rates go down since unemployment is a good sign that inflation is not going to go up anytime soon. Hence you will most likely see rates slightly lower – this doesn’t mean anything really – in today’s climate it only means the pace at which rates were increasing will slow a bit. This is different than saying that the rates will fall.

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