Real Estate Blogging Seminar Re-cap

Yesterday’s Real Estate Blogging Seminar held at SEVRAR and sponsored by Grand Canyon Title Company was very well attended. There is certainly a lot of interest out there on blogging and how to use social media tools for business. I want to thank everyone for attending and Adam Saunders at Grand Canyon for all his work in organizing this event.

As I promised I have posted my Blogging Seminar PowerPoint. Like I said yesterday, this is only a reflection of my personal experience with blogging. It is by no means a blueprint.

It was good to see some veteran bloggers in attendance. I don’t know if they learned anything but Jay Thompson (The Phoenix Real Estate Guy), Calie Waterhouse (Decorated to Sell) and Doreen McPherson stayed for the whole thing. I must add none of them threw any rotten tomatoes. What a relief that was for me! Phew.

There was also another seminar across town yesterday. Steven Groves, Greg Gotcher and Dave Barnhart presented relevant blogging materials and it’s a bummer that we had a clash! I would have enjoyed attending. Maye they’ll share their experience on their blog soon.

Update: Read Calie Waterhouse’s take on the seminar.

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