Rules Change, Agents Pursing Mortgage Lenders

Aimee received a phone call this morning from a real estate agent who told her with a degree of frustration that all her lending contacts and title contacts had left the business. This agent has buyers who need a good lender referral and was eagerly trying to build some new relationships. She was glad to have “found” Aimee. And we’re glad to be in touch with her as well!

Role ReversalThis is quite a turn of events for everyone. I know several colleagues in the mortgage and title business who have left, not to mention the real estate agents who are no longer “practicing”. So, this mornings experience was an isolated event. Over the past two months I have been contacted by many real estate agents across the country seeking a quality lender for their borrowers. After being hounded by loan officers and title reps for the greater part of their careers it must be unnerving for a real estate agent to not have several reliable loan officers and title reps as business partners.

So, if you are one of those agents then I want you to know that Aimee and I are still here, while almost 50% of loan originators have left the industry. We’re still closing loans and we’re still helping borrowers make the biggest financial decision of their lives. Just to introduce ourselves to you, here are a few links that might you learn more about us:

We are FHA and VA approved lenders and as a national mortgage broker/banker we have access to all loan programs in the industry. Most importantly we’re here and we’re here to stay!

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