Seeking a Cap on Adjustabe Rate Mortgage Rates

With the Thanksgiving festivities, I missed this piece of news regarding Arizona lawmakers seeking a rate cap on adjustable rate mortgages. According to the EV Tribune (Nov 23rd, 07):

Arizona’s chief financial regulator may ask state lawmakers to cap how much lenders can hike the interest on adjustable rate mortgages.

However, this is easier said than done becuase there is a provision which bars the legislature from impairing contracts.

Getting the measure through the Legislature might be the least of Rotellini’s problems: The state constitution has a specific provision barring enactment of any “law impairing the obligations of a contract.” And the mortgage deals signed by borrowers are contracts.

In other major subprime news, the Wall Street Journal reports a Bank of America estimate that “$362 billion worth of adjustable-rate subprime mortgages” will adjust next year. This means the mess is only halfway through. Read the full WSJ article for details (hat tip John Wake, Arizona Real Estate Notebook).

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