Loan Modifications in Arizona: Are They Happening?

Loan Modifications in Arizona: Are They Happening?

Many people I talk with are in a situation where they owe significantly more on their home than it is worth.  Somehow, the idea of “loan modifications” have become mainstream – but what exactly is possible hasn’t been all that well covered in the media. If you really want to know what is going on with getting a loan modification done, who better to talk to than the legal experts who are helping clients with them every day?

Kevin Hardin is the local expert I like to refer people to when it comes to answering questions about getting a loan modification done and what to expect.  In fact, I happen to know that there are at least 7 secrets about loan modifications that most people don’t know about.  Here is just an idea of one thing that I know many people I talk with have no idea about: your lender most likely doesn’t own your loan.

#1: Who really “owns” your loan?

Here is just a little more information about some of the things Hardin covers when talking about loan modifications and what to expect as you attempt to get your lender to modify your loan.

Arizona Loan Modifications: 7 Things To Know

  • Who really “owns” your loan? It may not be who you think
  • Your permanent loan modification isn’t permanent?
  • A forbearance is not the same as a principal reduction
  • Once you are underwater in your mortgage, it is virtually impossible to no longer be underwater
  • Are loan modification payments current payments?
  • Does a loan modification save your home?
  • How long before you can become a homeowner again?

Have more questions about what is possible when it comes to loan modification here in Arizona? Be sure to contact Kevin by clicking on the banner below and learn what your options are.

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