Arizona: A Popular Place To Live For Veterans

Ok, so there are several hot spots in Arizona (literally) and pretty much everyone knows that.

But did you know that there are also several “hot spots” in the state for Veterans to live?

Let’s just pick a few – and all of them have homes that you can finance with an Arizona VA loan.

Gilbert is one of the fastest growing cities in the East Valley and is popular for many Veterans who have families. The population there is growing and you can easily find a home that meets the criteria for a Gilbert AZ VA loan.

Mesa has long been popular – and prior to the Gilbert growth explosion, Mesa was a hot area for many Veterans with the airfield so close as well as a major Boeing factory. And yes, there are also plenty of homes that you can easily finance with a Mesa AZ VA loan because home values are not through-the-roof.

Chandler is a sister city to Gilbert and is popular with Veterans who have retired – not to mention some of the Veterans who now work at any one of the high-tech facilities at companies like Intel. It is a little harder to find a home that meets guidelines of a VA loan in Chandler, but it isn’t extremely difficult.

If you are a Veteran and thinking about moving to Arizona or just moving from one city to another in Arizona, be sure to ask your loan officer about your Arizona VA loan options… it is one of the best ways to finance your home.

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