Update on Home in Five Program

I receive a lot of questions from readers on the current status of the Home in Five down payment assistance program. I  might as well answer these questions here. The long and short of it it is that currently I am unable to work with the Home in Five program.

From what I currently know the program is not funded, meaning there is no money available for down payment assistance. If things should change I will update this blog accordingly.

For those not familiar with the Home in Five program provides 5% down payment assistance to any homebuyer who meets the income and acquisition price limits. The household income requirements range depending on the area within Maricopa county. The program targets borrowers with moderate to lower incomes. The other factor that plays a significant role in the program is the area where the property is located.

UPDATE Summer 2013

Here is more information about the Home In 5 Advantage program along with some lenders who can help you.

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