The Mortgage Guru Spreads Love to Other Blogs

Apparently not only am I a Genius but I’m also a Cicerone! Now before you get turned off by my shameless self promotion- let me explain. As many of my readers know I write for the national real estate magazine Agent Genius, one of the most recognized real estate opinion leaders of the blogosphere. Benn and Lani, the founders of the forum, are one of smartest real estate minds in the entire world, period. That is why it is no coincidence that the best and brightest real estate minds of the day write for AG. I am continually in awe of the quality of the material and learn something new every time I visit. I’m akin to the jester of the group, and feel glad they allow me to hang around. 😉

ciceroneStarting this week I will also be writing for the Mortgage Cicerone. This is a blog focused on delivering valuable insights to loan originators. Tony Gallegos, the founder of the forum says its a “place where mortgage originators become mortgage leaders.” There are some serious industry heavy weights who write thoughtful, hard hitting mortgage related articles for this blog. I’m the newest kid on the block.

I will admit, before I started reading the Mortgage Cicerone, I didn’t even know what the word “cicerone” meant and I still don’t know how to pronounce it. For those curious cicerone is “a guide for sightseers or person who is eloquent in sharing knowledge. ” Wow. Makes my head swell.

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