A Bit of Obama-mania For Mortgages: Yes, We Can

I’ve spent the past week networking with a wide range of people and discussing home financing with many real estate agents, potential borrowers and past clients. There is a lot of unnecessary pessimism out there regarding mortgage financing. To counter this pessimism I want to borrower a bit of “Obama-mania”!


Yes, we can. We can still do 100% financing loans with no money out of pocket. It’s called FHA and VA.

Yes, we can. We can do low documentation loans for self employed borrowers.

Yes, we can. We still refinance subprime loans and if you have equity can still do cash out loans as well.

Yes, we can. We can still do investment property loans with as little as 10% down.

Yes, we can.

<pause for effect>

Yes, we can. We have a down payment assistance program for both first time home buyers and those folks willing to purchase in targeted areas.

Yes, we can.

We can still do home mortgage loans!

Yes, we can.

<you now should scream, pant, clap, faint, collapse and continue doing so for a considerable time period – do not re-read the post though, I repeat do not re-read the post, I can not guarantee your safety!>

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