Jennifer Starts a Blog: Overcome the Overwhelm

jen-furrierRegular readers of this blog know that even though this blog is focused on mortgages and home financing like a laser beam, I’ve had Jennifer Furrier contribute a few times. Jennifer is a professional organizer, and a very good one at that. The feedback from her customers is always amazing and her work ethic is legendary. That is why I’ve always thought she’d be a great addition to the blogging community.

Well, now it looks like she’s taken the plunge. Last week she e-mailed and and told me she’s set up a blog on professional organizing and I was elated to hear that. Her blog is called “Overcome the Overwhelm” and already has some really good nuggets on getting organized, improving productivity and living a stress-less life. I already know this is going to be an awesome blog, and that is because I know that Jen is an awesome professional organizer!

The only thing I can say at this point is “watch out”, to the other bloggers who focus on professional organizing. You guys now have some pretty tough competition coming your way. However, as a blogger I know it’s not all about competition, but also about building community and interaction and relationships. So, on that front Jennifer is going to make a great addition to the already mushrooming professional organizing blogosphere.

Head on over to Jennifer’s blog and leave a note!

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