Whether It’s MeMe or Me Me, Today It’s About Me!

It’s MeMe time. And I got tagged, thanks Lani. Sure pick the foreign kid first, he doesn’t know what’s going on anyways, right? 🙂

So, here are the rules for a MeME: (1) list 7 things about yourself, (2) tag 7 people to do the meme on themselves including a link to their site.

So in case you are interested here are a few things about me:

1. I am from Nepal and NO, I have not climbed Mt. Everest or met the Dalai Lama!

2. I know the 9 digit value for the speed of light (in meters/second).

3. In High School I played Duncan in MacBeth and Bernardo in West Side Story.

4. I can not understand why anybody would play Cricket let alone WATCH it on TV!

5. I would love to visit all the seven man-made wonders of the world.

6. I first surfed the Internet using Mosaic back in early 1994 and consider the Internet my first love! Thanks for your understanding Aimee.

7. I love beer, coffee, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and fried MoMos! Thank God for a metabolism that hasn’t slowed down!

Did I wet your curiosity? No worries. I did a more detailed version of this on ActiveRain last fall (log-in required).

So, here are my seven victims: Christoph, Heather, Ginger, Kevin, April, McKenzie and Benn (the genius himself!)

8:20 pm Update: Lani alerted me that both April and Benn have been tagged already. So, I’m adding two others. Here’s to you Valorie and Drew.

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