This Weeks Economic Calendar

Last week we heard from Chairman Bernanke as he testified before the US Senate. Rhonda Porter at Mortgage Porter posted a very good summary of the Chairman’s remarks. So, what is in store for this week? There aren’t a whole lot of market moving reports expected, nor are we looking at anything big from the Fed. Here is what the economic calendar looks like this week:

  • Wednesday July 25: Existing Home Sales
  • Wednesday July 25: Crude Inventories
  • Wednesday July 25: Beige Book
  • Thursday July 26: Durable Goods Orders
  • Thursday July 26: Initial Jobless Claims
  • Thursday July 26: New Home Sales
  • Friday July 27: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Friday July 27: GDP Chain Deflator
  • Friday July 27: Consumer Sentiment Index (UoM)

None of these reports are considered earth shattering and likely to significantly affect interest rates. They will have an impact on the market but not as big as say the Chairman testifying before Congress.

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