Top Ten Real Estate Blogs in Arizona

Lists are everywhere. Inman published it’s list of 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers, Selsius just published the Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers and not too long ago Jay Thompson published his Top 26-50 Bloggers . I’m giving some link love to The Phoenix Real Estate Guy for including me on that esteemed list.

As Arizona’s premier mortgage guru, I think I too am entitled to make a list of my own. In that spirit I give to you the Top Ten Real Estate Bloggers in Arizona (in alphabetical order – because it is way way too hard to try and rank these blogs – it’s hard even for a guru like me):

  • Arizona Real Estate Notebook - This blog presents thorough analysis of local real estate, with lots of charts, graphs all based on “real time” information. Superb.
  • BlogArizona – A resource of good information with lots of pointers on real estate and home inspection issues. Plus have you ever read the guy who writes on mortgages there? Well…. he’s something!
  • Dalton’s Arizona Homes Blog– Funny, witty, clever, thoughtful the words just keep rolling off my tounge. Plus he loves soccer AND he’s a Facebook friend now!
  • Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area Real Estate – Where art thou, Christoph? Great design with even better analysis.
  • Greater Tucson Real Estate Blog – Local information with a local flavor. Plus I like her philosophy “simple answers to simple questions make the expert”.
  • Real Estate Blog Lab– Thought provoking resource center for bloggers. We want more, we want more – Dave are you reading this?
  • The Butterworth Group– A group blog with a distinctly local voice on all things real estate. The group effort is dynamic enough that we didn’t even know Chris was out a few days for surgery!
  • The Housechick Blog– The name is sheer genius, the content is superb and it’s very well written. Plus the layout is so clean it lets visitors know right away that you’re dealing with one heckuva organized agent.
  • The Phoenix Real Estate Guy – The name itself provokes awe. I mean Google ranks this blog in the top 10 for “Phoenix Real Estate” – who am I to argue?
  • Tucson Real Estate Blog – This blog has actually made me want to travel to Tucson and golf. It has great writing and equally great insights.

The only rule I made to be included on this list is that you had to be actively blogging for at least six months.  In the interest of highlighting newer blogs, once you’ve made the list you can’t be included in the subsequent one, however, you are eligible for the third list (get the drift). So, for all you beginners keep blogging. Also, if you know of a new local blog which just sprang up please send me the link. I want to include them in our little community here.

Many agree that Arizona is the epicenter of Real Estate Blogging and the above list just proves the point. Congratulations to all these wonderful and deserving bloggers. BTW, I didn’t include Bloodhound Blog for a reason. Even though it’s based in Phoenix, it’s a national blog and I wanted a list of consumer oriented local real estate blogs. Additionally, I didn’t include home stagers or mortgage brokers for lack of any significant competition.

You know a list I’d really enjoy? The Top Ten Funniest Real Estate Blogs in the country.  Is anyone up for such a challenge?

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