Tragedy Ripples Through

Blogging is an emotional business and I just got hit by an emotional brick today. In a short few months I’ve become friends with Lani Anglin over at RE Revealed Blog. She works with her husband at Single Point Realty. The funny thing is Lani is in Austin, Texas and I’m in Gilbert, Arizona.  I’ve never met her personally but feel like I’ve known her for a long time.

Today I found out she lost her very dear brother Aaron Anglin in a car accident. April Groves posted some details at RE Revealed earlier today. My heart goes out to Aaron, his surviving wife and two young daughters. May God have mercy.

The family is asking for financial help. Bills need to be paid and obligations need to be met. If you can find it in your heart to give then please anything will help. You can send you gift to the following address:

Aleisha Anglin
  c/o Lani Anglin
  2719 Costa Azul Cove
  Leander, TX  78641

From what Greg Swann is saying, April, is working on setting up a donation account with Bank of America. Details will be posted at BloodhoundRealtyBlog.

Jay Thompson also feels the pain and so does Brian Brady.

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