Vermonters Where Are You? The Arizona Mortgage Guru Needs Your Love

Just like everyone else I like to be loved. Recently, I was inspired by Athol to view where my visitors were coming from. So, I dug into Google Analytics and pulled up this map:


The greener  the shade of green the higher the number of visitors. Naturally, I receive most of my visitors from Arizona and California. However, I do receive a lot of visitors from throughout the USA including Hawaii and Alaska – but why do Vermonters not love me? As you can see (red circle) I have zero visitors coming from that state?

Do people in Vermont not need any information on mortgages? Home loans? Hello? At least visit to watch some YouTube videos. I mean some of the videos are hilarous! So, why have they not visited my site? Is it me? Do I need to love Vermont first?

Just for the record I do love New England. As a matter of fact I memorized Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” in 8th grade. Plus even today I read it to my 18 month old daughter from time to time! Now that is love. It’s about time somebody from Vermont reciprocated.

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