Watch Out Tax Accountants, Here Comes “The Tax Goddess Blog”

Shauna Wekherlien just unveiled “The Tax Goddess Blog“, a weblog that talks about all things tax. Shauna is the owner of SWC Business Enterprises, a full service accounting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have actually known Shauna as a tax goddess for a few years now. She also happens to be my personal tax adviser. I was actually pretty excited yesterday to get her newsletter announcing her foray into the blogosphere.

The thing is, Shauna already has all the ingredients of a successful blogger. She is generous with her knowledge, she believes in superb customer service, she is also active in her community and is a power networker. I am serious when I say she seems to know everyone and anyone. Finally, the main reason to read her blog is because she is a CPA with personality! So take that IRS.

Her blog is not only informative, funny but insightful. With more than 60,000 pages in the tax code you can’t possibly come close to knowing everything, but if there is one person who comes close its Shauna. Read her blog, you’ll laugh sometimes but mostly you’ll learn , that is just the way Shauna is!

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