What to say today?

As you can see, I try to keep this blog fairly relevant to the events that are happening in the business world etc. etc. However, the last two days, I have been pretty busy with work and life in general and so I haven’t really had much time to say much regards to all that is going on in the world. So, what should I say today?

All I can say is that rates are on the move, inflation is being cited as somewhat of a threat – people in the market for a mortgage already know that, I would suggest moving cautiously and also fast at the same time. How do you do that? Well, you work with credible people with a good reputation in the industry, and you make sure everything is understood between the two – that would be the cautious part.

The fast part involves getting things done in a timely manner. Get the rate you’re quoted by locking it in as soon as possible, and do your homework fast so you’re not caught by surprise as you make decisions. You must be able to process information fast and make a good decision, every day or moment you wait can cost you money, so don’t price yourself out of the house you just made an offer on, or which ever reason you’re getting the mortgage for.

Enjoy the ride. Let me know if you have any questions. I am always available for a second opinion and can help you make an informed decision – something you won’t regret!

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