Arizona Housing Assistance Programs

There is a lot of housing assistance programs available for first time homebuyers in Arizona. Assistance is available at the state, county and city levels. The Arizona Department of Housing offers quite a bit of information on its website. Also, the Arizona Housing Finance Authority has information on down payment assistance programs offered in the state.

I followed a bunch of links at the Arizona Housing Finance Authority website and came across the Homes for Arizonians Initiative. This website has a lot of information on the different program options to obtain closing cost assistance, and down payment assistance etc. I don’t think it’s worth my effort to review these options since there are so many and are very specific.

I would recommend visiting these websites and becoming familiar with the various programs. It might just be the stepping stone you need in order to obtain your first home. The program director as Homes for Arizonians Initiative was also kind enough to send me details on the programs. I’d be happy to share that with anyone interested. Just send me an e-mail.

By the way, I was inspired by a similar post for Kansas City by Rebekah Herzog to write this article. Thank you Rebekah for the inspiration.

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