It’s Getting Cold in Gilbert, Arizona

It’s been chilly the past few nights here in Gilbert, Arizona. I know most of the country does not consider our temperatures “cold”, but if my 18 month old feels cold at night, it’s a matter of concern for me!

Here is a snapshot of what we have in store for the last week of November:


Just for comparison, here is what it’s going to be like in Madison, WI (where I moved from three years ago):


I still have a lot of friends up there in Madison.

Guys, if you’re reading this there are over 55,000 homes for sale in the Phoenix market. So, come on over.

111 Degrees and NO Power! Yikes.

As I was driving up to the office this morning from an early morning appointment I noticed that several intersection lights were not working. This was along Val Vista Road in Gilbert going north.  Most of these are very busy intersections. It was a bit scary at times as drivers were getting frustrated trying to make left turns. Now I see this local story: 

Today’s high temperature is expected to reach 111 degrees.

SRP spokeswoman Patty Garcia-Likens said the outage lasted 20 to 30 minutes, and affected about ten percent of the company’s 920,000 electric customers – in Tempe, Gilbert and parts of Phoenix.

Last summer we lost power for about 20 hours in my subdivision. We were new parents at the time with a 4 week old at home. It really freaked me out. It was a bit worrisome as the heat started to encapsulate us. We ended up going to a friends house to spend the night. SRP says it won’t happen again! Why even make that kind of commitment?

Don’t push it

I just saw this article on MSN Real Estate about lenders pushing value on appraisers. This is serious and a major problem in the Valley.  The whole cash back fraud transactions which the Arizona Republic wrote about earlier this year was based on lenders and appraisers pushing the value.  Here is my post on this topic from earlier this year.

Just a reminder! 🙂

By the way MSN Real Estate also has a pretty good article on how to select a good Realtor.

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