Mortgage Market Update: Saturday Edition

It’s Saturday morning. I’m drinking coffee and surfing the net reading economic commentary, looking at some really cool economic data and charts. What does that make me? (Not a real question!)

I want to share some cool things I’ve uncovered:

  1. Calculated Risk has a chart demonstrating the historical rise in mortgage debt. It goes back to 1992 and quite frankly I see an astounding increase. I’m not an economist  but I’d like to see a chart of annual household income and population growth over the same period to make a fair reading of this increased debt. Hat Tip: Behind The Mortgage
  2. The Big Picture has a really good break down of the entire mortgage backed securitization process. It shows where all the mortgage debt is being held and highlights the problem areas. It does a very good job demonstrating the actual scale of the problem (not the media version).

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