Arizona Payday Loans: Not For Everyone

Arizona Payday Loans: Not For Everyone

The popularity of borrowing against your next paycheck – what a payday loan is – suggests it is the fast cash solution for everyone in Arizona.

But if you live in Arizona, payday loan are not necessarily the best way to cover emergency bills and surprise expenses. If you have a credit card with a sufficient credit limit and a low APR, that might be a better choice. Some people use a home equity line of credit for extra cash (although many financial experts caution against it). Of course, a short-term loan from a friend or family member might be a good idea as long as you honor a repayment date and add some interest or other “thank you” fee.

But those options simply are not there for millions of people. For them, their best choice (assuming they have been employed for at least one month, are 18 years of age and have a bank account) is a cash advance against their paycheck.

What factors should be present in the Arizona life of payday loans borrowers?


  • Have a short-term need


  • Can repay it in about 30 days


  • Are busily engaged in work and family



Have a short-term need

An Arizona payday loan should not be used to purchase a home or car. These are for emergency expenses, including bill paying.
The process for getting such a loan is streamlined with the Internet. It is possible to apply entirely online, get your loan confirmation within an hour and the money is direct deposited into your account by the next business morning.

Can repay it in about 30 days

An Arizona payday loan should be thought of a short-term loan to be paid off very soon. A 30-days (or less) repayment period is ideal.

Busily engaged in work and family

Within the other choices available, including the option to take out a car title loan, it might take hours to study where to find quick cash. In Arizona, payday loans are a simple, easy-to-understand and fast solution.

What is Right For You?

Remember that all these important factors aren’t required for an Arizona payday loa, but they are highly suggested so that you can handle the financial weight of an Arizona payday loan. Consider all of your options before deciding on any financial decision. Carefully planning your financial future will help prevent situations that would require a need to get an Arizona payday loan.

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