Blogging 101 Class at Windermere

Many thanks to all the Windemere agents who attended the Blogging 101 class yesterday (on Thunderbird and 101). I sure enjoyed teaching the class. I owe this opportunity to Chris Mattix, my newest Facebook friend! 🙂 So, thank you Chris for having me.

As promised here is a link to the Powerpoint presentation from yesterday. Additionally, I have posted the video of a class I did on setting up a WordPress blog at the Arizona RE Bloggers Network meeting last month.

Arizona Real Estate Bloggers Network Meeting – May 2008 from phoenixrealestatelive on Vimeo.

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Post Updated Monday June 16th. Here is the powerpoint slide from my presentation via SlideShare:

Arizona RE Bloggers Network May Meeting Summary

The week just flew by. Hello. Its Friday night already.

The highlight of the week for me was of course Thursday. I was the substitute presenter at the Arizona RE EV Blogging Networks monthly gathering. Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, was not able to do the kick off WordPress training and so I had the honor of stepping in. It was a lot of fun actually. I want to thank everyone for showing up and for your enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to talk about blogging.

My presentation was a very basic over view of how to set up a WordPress blog and all that good stuff. It went well for the most part, but the area where I felt I was weak was in actually getting people to start a blog. A few people did end up setting up blogs, but many seemed to just want to listen and take notes. Which is fine. As promised I have uploaded my powerpoint presentation.

A lot of folks out there are hungry to learn about blogs and how to blog. If you have questions and concerns, why don’t you leave a comment on this post and I’ll try to answer it – or someone else could and that way we build a repository of information for agents and lenders eager to learn about blogging. You can still write to me directly if you wish too.

Some of the usual suspects were there – like Christoph, Nick and Doreen. Many thanks to Candace and Shelli for all their hard work in putting this meeting together. Also the our sponsors. Thank you all. See you next month.

RE Bloggers Networking Event a Grand Success

This mornings inaugural AZ EV RE Bloggers Network meeting was fantastic and I personally enjoyed it tremendously. Agents from around the valley (and Tucson) attended and participated in this sharing of the minds event. I want to personally thank agent Candace Robinson (HomeSmart) and Shelli Bates for organizing the first of what is hoped to be many blogging forum.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I didn’t take my camera with me and so don’t have any to share right now. But I’m sure Candace will send some over and I’ll be sure to put it up once I have a few. In fact the whole program was taped – so hopefully we’ll be able to have that available soon.

Just to recap, all the speakers shared some great information – from tips and tricks to how much increase they have seen in their business since they started blogging. I learned a lot – so thank you for sharing. For me it was a pleasure to finally meet the Lady in Red, Teri Ellis, Paul Slaybaugh and Mike Jones from Tucson. Jay Thompson (our local celebrity) was the keynote speaker and he spilled the beans on the key to his blogging success! It’s always a pleasure to hear him speak – so thank you!

As promised I have uploaded and made available my PowerPoint presentation for those interested. It is from my blogging 101 seminar from last year and is a bit outdated (that is how fast the blogging world is evolving). Click below to download:

Blogging 101 by Author

The organizers and sponsors are discussing the possibility of holding these kind of get together events on a monthly basis and in a more central location. Please contact them directly if you are interested in attending the next event.

Thank you to Shelli Bates of Land America Title and Ron Kohatsu of Win Gateway (Home Inspection) for sponsoring this event.

4.29 pm update: Teri has posted pictures on her blog.

Friday AM update – some pictures courtesy of Teri:


The captive audience (there were a lot more people than what can be seen here)


Friday (4/25) PM update: Paul Slaybaugh has a complete re-cap with a whole new set of pictures!

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