Arizona FHA 203k Loans For Rehab Properties

Arizona FHA 203k Loans For Rehab Properties

Are you shopping for Arizona homes for sale? Chances are that you are coming across many that are either a short sale or bank owned and are in need of repairs.
The FHA 203k loan program has become fashionable with the recession in the housing market. When a property is owned by the bank, chances are that the property may be in need of a little work and the FHA 203k streamline program is a great option. Some of the frequently asked questions we see about the FHA 203k include:


  • What exactly is an FHA 203k loan?



  • An FHA 203k Examples



  • Is the FHA 203k loan harder to qualify for than a traditional FHA loan?



What exactly is an FHA 203k loan?

The FHA 203k mortgage is a rehab loan that works much like a development loan. The buyer of the home is able to acquire a home that is in need of repairs and is able to finance the repair work in the mortgage to correct items in the house. The FHA 203k consists of the purchase price of the home plus the construction costs for the work to be performed after close.

An FHA 203k Example:

      • $100,000 purchase price of home
      • $20,000 Repairs Needed (see a list of the most common FHA 203k repairs)
      • $120,000 Total Loan Amount

How much are you supposed to write the contract for? With FHA 203k loans, the offer is the purchase price of the home only. Be sure not to include the cost of repairs anywhere in the sales contract or offer. In the above example, the purchase price on the sales agreement or offer would be $100,000.

Is the FHA 203k loan harder to qualify for than a traditional FHA loan?

Getting an FHA 203k loan is roughly the same as getting a regular FHA loan. What does it take to qualify for an FHA loan? Generally speaking, a credit score above 620, a good job and a down payment of 3.5%. Of course there are more details to being approved, but those are the general highlights.

How do I go about finding the right contractor for the work?

It is highly recommended that you work with a general contractor that can perform all needed repair work. Your loan officer can easily help recommend one – they should know at least one good contractor. It is also valuable that the contractor be experienced in FHA guidelines so that they can include any FHA required items in their contract.

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