A Funny One From The Onion

When I lived in Madison, WI I used to read The Onion every tme it came out – since it was distributed freely on the UW-Madison campus. It was the only way to live through the Clinton scandals – seriously. Some of the stuff they came up with during those years was truly classic.

Well now they have stuff online and even have videos and I go on their website from time to time to check things out. Here is one that was kind of thougth provoking for me. I guess the message of this is clear for business owners. Innovate or vegetate!

The Onion at its finest:

Historic 2018Blockbuster2019 Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past

Fed Chairman’s Comments in the Gnooze

This is pretty funny. She does a good job explaining things to everyone:

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