New Years Resolution: Get Organized

Another year is in the books and it’s that time again. You know… that time when you start making resolutions for the New Year. Yep, it’s that time again. If you’re like me and continually don’t live up to resolutions this is not a good time. However, hopefully this time it will be a lot different. I really mean that. That is why I’m passing along something I received recently.

My good friend Jennifer Furrier is organizing a seminar in January on being organized. Sometimes the only thing standing in the way between resolutions and results is a plan. It looks like Jennifer’s seminar could go a long ways towards helping develop a solid plan. In this seminar she says she “will provide simple and effective solutions to become better organized and more efficient with time management.”

Here is a little introduction she sent me about the upcoming seminar:

Do you plan on working another 365 days of your life? What’s that you say? Oh, more than that! Then WHY continue putting up with the stress and angst that comes with disorganization? How about working those upcoming years being more organized, efficient, productive and effective than ever before? These days, maximizing the way you spend your time is more important than ever! Take your business to the next level by attending a one-of-a-kind, info-packed seminar that guarantees you’ll walk away with tools you can immediately implement to start 2009 off on the right foot.

She’s offering a $30 discount if you register before January 1st. Otherwise its $79 for this one day event. Download the PDF for details and registration information. Her website is EssentialOrganizing.Com if you’d like to learn more about her company.

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Jennifer Starts a Blog: Overcome the Overwhelm

jen-furrierRegular readers of this blog know that even though this blog is focused on mortgages and home financing like a laser beam, I’ve had Jennifer Furrier contribute a few times. Jennifer is a professional organizer, and a very good one at that. The feedback from her customers is always amazing and her work ethic is legendary. That is why I’ve always thought she’d be a great addition to the blogging community.

Well, now it looks like she’s taken the plunge. Last week she e-mailed and and told me she’s set up a blog on professional organizing and I was elated to hear that. Her blog is called “Overcome the Overwhelm” and already has some really good nuggets on getting organized, improving productivity and living a stress-less life. I already know this is going to be an awesome blog, and that is because I know that Jen is an awesome professional organizer!

The only thing I can say at this point is “watch out”, to the other bloggers who focus on professional organizing. You guys now have some pretty tough competition coming your way. However, as a blogger I know it’s not all about competition, but also about building community and interaction and relationships. So, on that front Jennifer is going to make a great addition to the already mushrooming professional organizing blogosphere.

Head on over to Jennifer’s blog and leave a note!

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