FHA: Some Facts and Tidbits


Now that subprime loans are a faint memory of the past, we often look to the FHA loans to fill in the void. Not that we miss those ugly sub primes all that much. But alas, FHA does provide a hearty loan for those who may have had a shaky credit past.  So, here are a few fun facts and figures on the famous FHA loan.

1)  You do not have to have perfect credit to qualify for an FHA loan! Yes, this is great news. In fact, even with a bankruptcy or a mortgage late, it is easier for you to qualify for an FHA loan than a conventional loan.

2)  FHA loans have a low 3.5% down payment. This money can come from a family member, an employer or even from a charitable organization as a gift. Most other loan programs do not allow this unless you have a much larger down payment or 5% of your own money invested.

3)  FHA rates are competitive! Believe it or not, because the Federal government insures these loans, they offer comparable rates. Your rate won’t be sky high if you opt for FHA instead of a conventional mortgage. The government makes sure of this!

4)  FHA helps you stay in your home. This may have sounded funny a few years ago. But today this is extremely relevant! The FHA has been in place since 1934. They want to protect the folks who have bought. FHA has various options to help keep you in your home should you run into difficulties and to help you avoid foreclosure in the long-run.

5)  You can buy or refinance various types of new or existing homes on an FHA loan: A one-unit, single family home; a duplex, triplex or four-plex; a condominium unit or even a manufactured home (provided the manufactured unit is on a permanent foundation). Sorry, no houseboats as of yet!

6)  Finally, for qualified buyers FHA mortgages are assumable!  This means a buyer of your home may take over your existing mortgage if they qualify.  This may help you sell a home with an FHA mortgage down the road if interest rates have gone up.

So, there you go. A few little details on the famous FHA loan.  Most likely tidbits you have heard before, but worth remembering for the day you may choose to use an FHA loan.

HUD’s internet site provides plenty of additional information. I also suggest talking to your realtor about their experience with FHA clients.  And, if you want to see if you qualify for the FHA loan, just give Mike or me a call. We can let you know in no time!

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The Feds Themselves Issued Subprime Loans in 2001

From the WSJ this morning “FDIC Faces Mortgage Mess After Running Failed Bank“:

It turns out that the U.S. government itself was one of the lenders giving out high-interest, subprime mortgages, some of them predatory, according to government documents filed in federal court.

Reminds me of Lisa Simpson’s line in “Homer the Vigilante“, when Homer sets up a group to track down a cat burglar.  Lisa’s line goes along the lines of (paraphrase): “but if you’re the police, who’s going to police the police?” To which Homer replies “I don’t know, the Coast Guard?”

Fixing the Foreclosure (Mortgage) Mess

A few weeks ago I started a weekly series on the mortgage market attempting to cover important elements from news items to blog posts. Regular readers know I slacked off on this promise after week one. However, I must say I did have good intentions. Inertia is the main issue here and converting potential energy into kinetic energy is difficult. However, I have not forgotten my desire to keep a weekly mortgage round up alive and kicking.

In that spirit, today I want to bring to your attention a brilliant post by the North Phoenix Agent, Heather Barr. She has proposed a very practical way to fix the foreclosure mess. Since she doesn’t trust any of the “big three” presidential candidates to offer anything that would work (she does admire the Obama overall theme though). So in the spirit of citizen government Heather proposes her own “real world” solution. This is a great post and a wonderful read. If only our leaders could think like her!

If you haven’t read it already, then head on over to the North Phoenix Agent Blog. We’d all love to hear from you on what you thought about her plan – so leave your comments. If you like the plan then maybe we can convince one of the candidates to select Heather as their running mate? 🙂 I’ve already made a campaign sticker!

Obama Barr 08

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